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Rules & Guidelines

If you constantly fail to follow the rules, you will be blocked. No exceptions.

The basics:

:bulletyellow:1. Respect-This club will not have or tolerate flammers. If you're caught doing any of these, you'll be reported & blocked.

:bulletyellow:2. Love of furry curves-You DO NOT have to be a fantastic/amazing furry lady artist to join. In fact, you can only be a fan & not draw at all to join. Be it clear that only furry women are allowed. They can be cows, dragoness, alieness, squirrels, etc.

:bulletyellow:3. Staff-If you find any problems with the club, please feel free to contact any of our admins :)

:bulletyellow:4. Contacts-If you have any questions about the club, send us a note or ask on our profiles. Most recommended would be sending notes. Note that if we do not answer you fast, sending your note once more will not get you question answered faster.

How to submit:

After becoming a member, on the group page above you, it will say something like "Submit Art". If you come back & it's not there, just click on the club gallery, & on the top right part of the gallery page there will be a button that says "Submit to this Gallery" (or something like that).

Only 3 submissions per member a day.

Submission rules:

:bulletyellow:1. Nudity - We DO allow nude pictures. We ask you if it is minor or extreme nudity, then mark it with a mature filter. Otherwise, it will not be excepted.

:bulletyellow:2. OCs/Fanart - Any medium of art will be allowed.

:bulletyellow:3. Yuri/Bisexualism - The Club will allow such pictures. If the image contains sex, or intense touching moments, mark them with the mature filter.

:bulletyellow:4. Drug use - We will not allow pictures of characters using any type of drug.

:bulletyellow:5. Inflation - Inflation will not be allowed. We want this group to have submission that show the love & art of furry ladies. This will not become a fetish club.

:bulletyellow:6. Trannys - Transvestites & transsexuals will not be allowed. No offense to anyone out there who is one of them.

:bulletyellow:7. Males - This club will allow submissions with males in the image, HOWEVER, there must be a furry female in the picture, & the male must not detract all the attention away from the image. If the image has half the female & half the male attracting the attention, then it will be allowed. Images of a male alone will not be accepted.


Folder guide:

Amphibians - Frogs, toads, Salamanders, Caecilians, mudpuppies, & any other creature that is an amphibian is allowed in this folder.

Apes - Any ape-like creature that is a monkey, gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee & so on belong here.

Avians - The creatures that have feather/plumage, & beaks go right here. Raptors do not count.

Bugs or Insects - Whether it's a fly, spider, slug, centipede, or any other pesticide, place it here.

Bunnies - The long eared, fluffy critters belong in this one. Jackrabbits, rabbits, & jackalopes are also allowed in this one.

Cows - All the species of cattle go in here. The species with utters, horns, "Moo" & produce milk & their relatives should go in this folder.

Crocs or gators - Crocodiles or alligators belong here. Caimans & any other crocodilians are also allowed.

Deer - Whether it's a deer, reindeer, antelope, & anything relevant to the deer family belongs in this one.

Dinosaurs - Those extinct being that are tyrannosaur, triceratop, pterodactyl, ichthyosaurus, mosasaur, & and other dinosaur that belonged in the dinosaur age.

Dogs or Wolves - Self explanatory: The species of dog or wolf doesn't matter, as long as it is a do or wolf, then it belongs in this folder.

Dolphins - Bottle nosed, orcas & so on, it doesn't matter. This is folder is for the dolphins.

Dragons - They can be from any species from any country, serpentine, multi-headed, cybernetic, western, eastern, wingless & so on.

Elephants - If it has a trunk for a nose, then it belongs in here. Mammoths & any other relevant species are also welcome in this folder.

Fan Art - If you draw a buff version of a Digimon, Pokemon, &/or any other series, then place it in here. Fan OC's do not go in this folder.

Goats or Rams - Any creature that has a head made for ramming, despite the bulls, goes here.

Hippos - Those fat, gluttonous, & super wide-mouthed aquatic creatures belong in this folder.

Horses or Zebras - Self explanatory. Unicorns are also allowed in this folder as well.

Hybrids - This folder is meant for anthros that are half one creature, & half another. Those who are half one creature, half human do not belong here. You can place a hybrid anthro in a different folder if he's more of his one half than his other half.

Kitties - Any large cat or domestic cat belongs here.

Lizards or Geckos - If it in the lizard family or gecko, then it goes here.

Misc. - This folder is for any species that isn't necessarily anthropomorphic; such as orcs, ogres, demons, onis, & so on. this club isn't too limited. However, kemomoni &/or neko are not allowed. Cosplay photos can be put here. This folder is not to be confused with the "Other Anthros" folder.

Multiple Species - This is not to be confused with the "Hybrids" folder. This folder is for images that contain more than one anthro character/species complied in an image.

Original Species - For those of you who made your own species of anthro, they belong here.

Other Anthros - This folder is not to be confused with the "Misc." one. This folder is for the other images of anthros that did not get a folder. So if you do not see a folder for your specific anthro, then place it in here.

Other reptilians - This folder is for the other reptilians that don't have a folder; such as snakes, chameleons, etc.

Otters - Those big feet, aquatic creatures belong here.

Raccoons - The furry critters that dig through garbage, with ringed tails, & 'masks' on their faces go in here.

Rhinos - The horned, heavy creatures of the animal kingdom go in here.

Rodents - Rats, mice, capybaras, guinea pigs, & so on belong here. Squirrels also belong here.

Sharks - If they have the gills, & sharp rows of teeth designed for ripping, & belong in the sea, then they go in this folder.

Ursines - Those big fluffy teady bears belong in this folder. Pandas, red pandas, kodiac, black, polar, & any other bear belongs here.

Vixens - The sly, cunning creatures with large ears & fluffy tails go in this one. The species does not matter.

Weasels or Ferrets - The long, slender furries belong in here.

Whales - any large, cetacean belongs in this folder. Killer Whales & whale sharks do not belong in this one.

Note: Any image placed in the wrong folder will be declined. no exceptions.
The Furry-Ladies group has gotten new rules.

New Rules:

No more copyrighted material - We are no longer accepting screenshots, collages or even recolored pieces of copyrighted  images. That means you cannot post an image of Dixie Kong or Lola Bunny or Krystal that exists on the internet from the company itself. If the company created the image, then it isn't allowed. You also can't post pieces that have cut out vectors of Rainbow Dash & the other ponies or other anthro females pasted onto another background that your drew or didn't draw.

You also cannot submit pieces that have furry women & other copyright characters from other shows pasted into one picture (e.g. Crossovers) unless YOU DREW IT. I am tired of seeing people submit collages where some anthro female is in the middle of other characters like the Equestria Girls, & Phineas & Ferb on top of a background they didn't draw or didn't take. It's against the DA policies & I will no longer be taking part of it. If you didn't draw, render or get permission to use it then it will not be accepted.

Animated icons of scenes will be accepted, ONLY if they're just 50X50 icons or emotes.

Debated new rules:

Photographs of artwork - I am also considering not allowing cheap photographs of the art themselves. As in if you drew a picture but it's not scanned or at least taken in proper lighting like beautiful paintings then it won't be allowed either. Scanners are not that pricey to buy for you to submit poor quality photos of your artwork, or not bother to take a picture with better lighting to see your work much clearer.

No more line paper - If it's not printing paper, construction paper, or anything above printer-quality sheets then it wouldn't be accepted either. You're an ARTIST! Regular printer paper is not expensive, you can probably go to Walmart & buy a pack of 500 sheets for only $5. Lined paper is mostly for just quick, cheap sketches of ideas or for people who obviously are too cheap to get printer paper, which again isn't even that expensive.

I know some users here only draw using lined paper, & I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like to see you use more quality materials & not something meant for your school classes. Lines are messy & can really distract from the drawing itself.

The last two rules are NOT official yet. I would like to hear from both the contributors of this group & its members on what you guys think of them. Should we apply them or not & why? Take in mind that just because you say "No, because I don't want to draw on nothing else but ____" or "No because I can't afford better quality paper" or even "No because that's my style" does NOT mean it's a good excuse to go against the ideas. Be reasonable & think clearly.
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